About Nathan Hale Capital

Nathan Hale Capital, LLC was founded in 2014 by Michael McKinney and Mark Elmore as the successor firm to Tahoe Fixed Income, LLC. The firm is a synergy of the two founding partners’ experience in the institutional client and retail broker-dealer markets. Nathan Hale trades the following securities on a risk principal basis; Agency Debentures, Corporate Bonds, Certificates of Deposit, Agency Mortgage-Backed Securities, Non Agency MBS, and Municipal Bonds. Our clients include Money Managers, Banks, Insurance Companies, Hedge Funds, and our peers in the broker-dealer community.

Nathan Hale traders bring a wide depth of knowledge to their respective markets. On average, our traders have over 10 years of experience, many having worked at some of the largest broker-dealers in the industry. We provide large firm experience with small firm service. We endeavor to treat each client with the same courtesy, efficiency and competitiveness, no matter if it involves a $1,000 trade or $10 million.

Nathan Hale Capital, LLC and its Traders may transact business only with broker dealers registered with FINRA and institutional investors in states in which they are appropriately registered, or excluded or exempted from such registration. Please contact us to ensure we can accommodate your business.